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    CIPTV2 (300-075) Study Material


      Does anyone have any recommendations for study materials for the CIPTV2 exam?  I failed it last week and after looking at where I went wrong it was clear my study material was not up to scratch.


      I did use the only book available (Implementing Cisco IP Telephony and Video, Part 2 Foundation Learning Guide) which was at best light on details and I have since looked at the Kevin Wallace videos but there still seems to be things missing (and when I say some things I really mean VCS).


      Most of the exam is covered by my every day tasks with the exception of VCS (I am familiar with Expressway but only for MRA and some basic B2B).  Reading an SRND is no substitute for hands on but a good self study guide can really help bridge that gap.


      On the agenda tonight, the VCS installation and configuration guides....wish me luck and good luck to those planning on taking the exam.

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          I actually just passed this last week with an 878 (just barely though...). I am actually the opposite, I too have a lot of hand-on time in environments, however where you fall short, I didn't. My issues were with things I do not use due to majority of the deployments I deal with being centralized. I too found the FLG lacking in the areas I was/still have issues with (SAF/CCD/ILS/GDPR) just because I never touch them. I ended up in the SRND, and on youtube watching various configuration videos to mate the theory with the practical. Although it sucks, jump into the SRND, and if possible lab things up.

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            Congrats on the pass!  An 878 is as good as a 1000 after you are done


            Don't get me wrong, VCS was not my only weak spot, The sections on SAF, CCD, ILS and GDPR in the FLG just got me confused.  I have ILS configured in my environment for Jabber service discovery and that part is simple the rest of it is still a blur.


            I would say this is the toughest voice/collab exam I have taken so far (and I have my CCNP voice).

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              I agree, I have a few NP certs, and by far, this exam was the hardest out of any cisco exam I have taken. Only thing I have left for collab is tshoot... Which I am also not looking forward too...

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                  I am almost done with CCNP Collab. I passed CIPT1, TShoot and CAPPS, just have CIPTV2 left to pass.

                  In my opinion, TShoot wasn't that hard, I would study, watch Kevin Wallace videos or youtube and lab stuff, but it was not the hardest of the 4 tests. I am not looking forward to CIPTV2 with all the threads like this one saying that the books and videos don't really cover the depth of the test.

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                    Just focus on the exam topics/blueprint from Cisco for CIPTV2. Read the study guide and any other training sources you can get, but lock in on the exam topics only if you want to pass.


                    I am currently drawing up mind maps for CIPTV2 around the exam topics and will share them online once they are completed.



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                      For what it is worth and amidst all the complaints about the exam quality (was it bad or was it just hard?), failing the exam first time around and the lack of study material forced me to delve into the SRND which has made me a better engineer.


                      I completed a project last night to implement E-LCAC with standard local route groups.  Any change is daunting on a working system but because of the time I have taken to study the SRND we have a better working system.  The only concern I have now is that I have a lot of changes I want to make; like multiple local route groups (specifically for 911 calling but maybe other patterns too) and device mobility (for my roaming endpoints).


                      its not that I was not aware that these features were not available before I read the SRND but going into the detail motivated me to make the changes.


                      I have not retaken the exam yet and the plan is to take it before or at Cisco Live this summer but pass of fail I will be better prepared then last time around

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                        I would also suggest reading up on some of the documentation on the topics that are your weak spots. I believe some articles on the Cisco website are extremely well written and it is very beneficial to go through them after reading the book. Did wonders for me.


                        Good luck.